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Volunteering at PRAKSIS

If something is really worthwhile, it is the fact that on the faces of volunteers, I see new hearts beating!

I also see the bet we took ten years ago by making a promise: to win this bet! And I see this victory taking shape! And this victory has got names! The names of the active participants in this human adventure we all here call PRAKSIS… [Acts] of Life for our fellow people!

I can see people being inspired by the very same values which were the reasons for founding PRAKSIS ten (eleven) years ago, people who put humans at the centre of their activism for humans. Humans who suffer, humans who are deprived of their rights, humans who are going through a critical period in their life and are trying to regain their dignity. I see young people whose compassion for humans is being transformed into Acts for their fellow people.
There are frustrating moments on a tiring day that make us seek for inspiration in order to regain our strength and continue our daily struggle to effectively develop PRAKSIS. Now, we have this inspiration. And the inspiration has many names which belong to real shapes; to strong personalities; to people who offer their scientific knowledge or even their good mood and their passion for helping others… for getting involved… for acting… effectively!

It’s you!
It can also be you!
You, PRAKSIS volunteers and colleagues who compose this unique puzzle of dynamic group through offering and actions and through your own personal struggle. You are a source of inspiration for achieving better, greater, and more important things!

We deeply thank all of you who have honoured us by associating yourselves with PRAKSIS, but most importantly – all those who believe and think they have space and time to participate in this human adventure.


Tzanetos Antypas
General Director

Our principles

  • Free of charge provision of Social Services and Primary Health Care in the areas of therapy and prevention
  • Promotion of solidarity and volunteerism
  • Testimony and per case denunciation of the condition of social groups in danger


Respecting the principles of accountability and transparency, we publish the last biennial report our actions.

Αnnual report

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  • 57 stournari Str., 10432, Athens (Head offices)
  • Τ 210 520 5200, F 210 520 5201