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Since January 2015, more than 500,000 refugees and migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea. Within the framework of this refugee crisis of unprecedented scale, PRAKSIS NGO, through funding by INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS NGO, has been implementing the project titled MEDICAL MOBILE UNITS since October 2015.
The Project refers to the conditions of the refugee/immigrant flows and with priority given at the provision of prime medical care and psychosocial support to the people who are potentially in need of international protection and are found at the entry points to Greece and specifically on the islands of Samos, Leros and Kos.

The provision of services is done through the operation of two (2) Medical Mobile Units - properly equipped and staffed by skilled personnel: medical doctors, nurses, social scientists, social mediators and administrators. These mobile units provide the ability of intervention wherever and whenever there is need.
The population who arrive at the Greek islands is medically vulnerable because of the danger elements which have to do with the country of origin and notably with the explosion to violence and precarious living conditions as well as with the limited access to health services. Moreover, the vulnerability element becomes stronger due to the troublous and dangerous journey to Europe.

For the assessment and response to the medical needs of the specific population and for the recording of vulnerable cases that are in need of specific treatment, a specific system of diagnosis and screening needs to be implemented. This system includes the ability of clinical examination for the whole of the population and the ability for a first evaluation of the psychiatric health status of the population. Taking into consideration the conditions under which we intervene, the medical act should not be understood in the strict sense of the term. In reality it refers to all the health problems which put the health of people and groups in danger such as access to clean water, toilettes etc. Moreover, within the framework of the project, there will be distribution of special health kits – Heart to Heart – to the newcomers who are found on Samos, Leros and Kos.
The project refers to interventions which will last for three (3) months and it is expected to be fulfilled within the first ten days of 2016.

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Our principles

  • Free of charge provision of Social Services and Primary Health Care in the areas of therapy and prevention
  • Promotion of solidarity and volunteerism
  • Testimony and per case denunciation of the condition of social groups in danger


Respecting the principles of accountability and transparency, we publish the last biennial report our actions.

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