EQUAL is a communal incentive that aims to promote new ways of eliminating all forms of discrimination in the labour market.

PRAKSIS participated in 6 Development Partnerships made up of multiple bodies that share resources, expertise and information, in order to support a broad range of vulnerable social groups that face such discrimination, aiming not only at the location, but also at the creation, of appropriate job positions.

The Developmental Partnerships (D.P.) in which PRAKSIS participated are the following:

1) ITHACA, its target group asylum seekers/refugees irrespective of age, gender, nationality or religious orientation. The project was aimed at reinforcing the beneficiaries' social and professional skills to smoothly incorporate them in the social network.

2) NOSTOS, its target group victims of human trafficking, which mainly involves women from the former Eastern Bloc. As well as raising awareness for trafficking as a widespread phenomenon and guaranteeing legal residency and protection to victims, the project offered Greek lessons to enable their social integration and consultation services for employers to locate job positions.

3) DI.KA.DI. - ROM (Network for the Alleviation of Discrimination against ROM), its target group the Roma populations, and especially unemployed Gypsies that face very serious obstacles of integration in the job market. An individualized approach was deemed necessary in order to create the foundations for an integrated system of support and incorporation in the job market.

4) REINFORCEMENT OF ECONOMIC MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES WITHIN THE LABOUR MARKET, its target group migrants and refugees that are subject to discrimination in the workplace due to their national or racial identity. The project's emphasis was on the consolidation and implementation of those rights of economic migrants related to employment, since this is seen as the key to guaranteeing their legal residency in the country and the determining factor for their integration in the labour market and the social network.

5) SOCIAL BUSINESS, its target group adults over 45 years of age that, for any reason, had been out of work and are now excluded from the labour market. Thus, the aim of the project "45-64: Return" was to support these people - whose skills are rapidly being undermined in the constantly evolving labour market, making their reinclusion particularly difficult - through the development of forms of social enterprise. Specifically, small cooperatives were created in the Municipalities of Peristeri, Drama and Tripoli in areas such as peer education and entertainment activities, neighborhood services (garden care, management of public space, minor repairs) and house services (cleaning, traditional cooking etc.). 

6) NON GOVERNMENTAL PERSPECTIVE, its target group mainly the unemployed youths that face difficulties in accessing the labour market due to their age, and consequently their lack of professional experience, as well as members of other vulnerable social groups such as refugees and migrants. Job positions were created through the development of business activities in the domain of social economy. The reinforcement of social enterprise fulfills the double objective of creating job positions and improving the quality of life and the level of local development through satisfying the demand for social services.

Our principles

  • Free of charge provision of Social Services and Primary Health Care in the areas of therapy and prevention
  • Promotion of solidarity and volunteerism
  • Testimony and per case denunciation of the condition of social groups in danger


Respecting the principles of accountability and transparency, we publish the last biennial report our actions.

Αnnual report

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