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Healthcare systems all over the world are nowadays en route to reconstruction, often reflecting changes in economy. Shaky living conditions constitute the phenomenon that penetrates (horizontally) not only developing countries, but also the developed world. The new economies of scale and profit hamper the access to human rights and fundamental goods such as water, food and healthcare. Access to essential medicine and new treatments becomes all the more difficult, since it is regulated more by markets than people’s needs.

PRAKSIS is a member of the European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines and has co-signed the Joint Declaration. This is a European initiative that consists of organizations and collectives, who underline why the current R&D (i.e., Research and Development) and trading models, do not allow access to medicine to all those in need and who suggest alternative models that comply with the real therapeutic needs of people, safely and effectively.

As a result of this pan-European cooperation, as well as in response to the needs we record on a daily basis at the centers for medical and pharmaceutical care of PRAKSIS, we designed PRAKSIS ACCESS. This program, running on the web and social media, attempts to inform, raise awareness and start a dialogue on access to medicines and the respective problems in Greece, that are now affecting not only vulnerable groups, but also the general population. More specifically, we ask for:

1. The creation of a national strategy for medicine that will ensure:

  • Affordable medicine
  • Access to all types of medicines for all people in need
  • Sustainability of the public healthcare system
  • Public interest and each patient’s interest to be above and beyond monopolies and patents that may hurdle the access to both existing and new medicines
  • Alternative policies for medicine-access like joint procurement, wider use of generics and off-patent medicines, as well as compulsory licensing by case
  • Access to innovative therapies at affordable prices that will not undermine the general access strategy

2. Full transparency of pharmaceutical R&D, as well as medicine production and procurement:

  • Transparency in the negotiation and publication of data with regard to the prices of expensive medicines
  • Public disclosure of all clinical data that derive from R&D
  • Transparency and detailed notification with regard to the legislation and regulation that rule the pharmaceutical sector
  • Evaluation and assessment of the new medicines and healthcare technologies, so as to reflect people’s real needs and to provide added therapeutic value

Goals of the program:

  • To inform different social groups as far as access to medicines is concerned
  • To seek for supporters of this campaign
  • To constitute a platform of reference and interactive presentation of issues related to access to medicines
  • To contribute to an informed public dialogue as regards access to medicine

Co-actors in shaping and first supporters of PRAKSIS ACCESS in Greece are the Doctors Without Borders, that since 1999 through their campaign MSF ACCESS CAMPAIGN support every act, so as to prevent medicine from being a luxury,
Doctors of the World,

The Joint Declaration of the European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines is open to everyone interested for co-signing and support.



 The program is supported by Open Society Foundations and citizens' financial contributions

Our principles

  • Free of charge provision of Social Services and Primary Health Care in the areas of therapy and prevention
  • Promotion of solidarity and volunteerism
  • Testimony and per case denunciation of the condition of social groups in danger


Respecting the principles of accountability and transparency, we publish the last biennial report our actions.

Αnnual report

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