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The effects of the Greek financial crisis, the rate of layoffs, the increasing rate of taxation, pay cuts and pensions reductions, the recorded loss of property due to lack of ability to repay bank loans along with the general financial insecurity arising from pension reforms, have created an unusual alarming phenomenon: the rise of poverty and precarious conditions for a substantial amount of households in Greece that were self-sufficient up to now and are now facing the terrifying reality of homelessness.

At the same time, social solidarity has acquired an  increased role and has lead to the absolute need for strong involvement of the private sector to leverage social turmoil and support families in need.Fully aware that the consequences of the socioeconomic crisis have an intense impact on all segments of Greek society, the Board of Directors of the  "StavrosNiarchos Foundation” has approved a series of grants to support efforts to confront the acute social needs of the country in the most efficient way.


Inspired by our actions and the allusion to mathematical operations as per our name (“PRAKSIS”), we designed a new project and named it ¨ΣΥΝΣΤΟΠΛΗΝ¨ which means in Greek “a Plus to Minus”. Thus we are aiming to provide POSITIVE (+) help, support and comfort to the NEGATIVE (-) contextual situation we are currently confronted with in Greece.

PRAKSIS implements the “ΣΥΝστοΠΛΗΝ" program with this initial donation to start the pilot program thanks to its fundamental partner in this effort, the "Stavros Niarchos Foundation”. The success and credibility of the program are ensured by “PRAKSIS’ extensive experience combined with the active presence of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The magnitude of the financial crisis in Greece along with the problems arising from it, requires multiple partnerships and synergies. Close collaboration and cooperation, the creation of a dedicated network of supporters are key factors that will ensure the sustainability and the expansion of the program, in order to provide access to the program to as many families as possible. This program is innovative for Greece, both in terms of methodology and potential impact and it requires as much support as possible. It has been designed based on best practices internationally after extensive contact with organizations abroad.


The Program Mission 

The implementation of an innovative anti-poverty Program “ΣΥΝΣΤΟΠΛΗΝ” with dual focused actions to face the problem: intervention and prevention


a) Intervention by providing Relief through two (2) Day Center Facilities for the homeless of the greater area of Athens (Attica), aiming for an approximate number of 32,000 beneficiaries on a annual basis, and


b) Prevention through the “Households Self Sufficiency Route” for families facing the threat of homelessness aiming to support 200 families / approximately 800 people on a monthly basis.


Our principles

  • Free of charge provision of Social Services and Primary Health Care in the areas of therapy and prevention
  • Promotion of solidarity and volunteerism
  • Testimony and per case denunciation of the condition of social groups in danger


Respecting the principles of accountability and transparency, we publish the last biennial report our actions.

Αnnual report

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