PRAKSIS NGO started implementing in October 2014 the programme Public Health: prevention-examination-support. In the corporate formation 4 NGOs participate: PRAKSIS as leader, and as partners, Doctors of the World (Medecins du Monde), Positive Voice and Centre for Life (Kentro Zois) The budget for Public Health: prevention-examination-support is up to 249.674 euro.

The programme will be completed in April 2016. The main actions of the programme are: the realization of quick examination for the HIV and Hepatitis C (HEP C), socio-psychological support and legal councelling and information on the prevention of HIV and Hepatitis C. More specifically, the timely diagnosis of HIV and Hepatitis C and the increased access to medical and psycho-social care, through the active finding and the initial prevention in communities with groups of people at high-risk for HIV infection and HEP C, at Attica and Patras, and HIV infections at Thessaloniki and Hania (Crete). The examination takes place at Structures of the NGOs and Mobile Units of Information and Examination: pre-counselling with information, training and orientation for the ways of transmission and protection of HIV and HEP C. After the examination, psycho-social support is provided as well as information on issues that may occur after the announcement of the result. In case that antibodies are found, there is an immediate connection with the Infectious Diseases Unit of "Evangelismos" General Hospital and Directly Observed Treatment is provided, on the structures.

At the same time, actions of public awareness of the society for the ways of transmission, prevention, the importance of preventive examination and the abrogation of stigmatization are going to be implemented. An epidemiological study is going to be held for the scientific planning of right policies for the prevention and the treatment of HIV infection.

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Our principles

  • Free of charge provision of Social Services and Primary Health Care in the areas of therapy and prevention
  • Promotion of solidarity and volunteerism
  • Testimony and per case denunciation of the condition of social groups in danger


Respecting the principles of accountability and transparency, we publish the last biennial report our actions.

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